‘Jihadi John’: The man behind the mask

'Jihad John' (Photo by Reuters via Youtube)
‘Jihad John’ (Photo by Reuters via Youtube)

News sources, on Thursday, have identified militant “Jihadi John” as the man responsible for several beheadings in support of the Islamic State as British citizen, Mohammad Emwazi.

Reuters is the first to report Emwazi’s identity, better known as “Jihadi John”, as the man dressed in a black balaclava (a cloth mask where only the wearers eyes can be seen) viewed in several videos supporting ISIS. These videos show Emwazi beheading several hostages while taunting political leaders. Since August 2014, Emwazi has been a wanted man by the government after apparently beheading U.S. citizen, James Foley.

Mohammad Emwazi was born in Kuwait and raised in London. Emwazi was born into a wealthy family and pursued a computer programming degree in the University of Westminster in London. Emwazi can be seen in multiple videos and is responsible for the deaths of many hostages taken to further ISIS’ agenda. His victims include:

  • American journalist, Steven Sotloff
  • American aid worker Peter Kassig
  • Japanese Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa
  • British citizens, David Haines and Alan Hemming

Two London-based groups, CAGE and the Center for Study of Radicalization and Political Violence, are the strong voices behind the claims that the masked man, “Jihadi John”, is Emwazi. The Huffington Post writes how multiple federal agencies are unhappy with the identification leak. British counterterrorism officials, along with the U.S. government, have yet to confirm or deny the identification.

Credit: Reuters
Emwazi identified as the man in each beheading video, furthering ISIS’ agenda. Credit: Reuters

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